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Adjust the fstab.yaml to point to a folder either in your sharepoint or your gdrive that you shared with AEM. See the full tutorial here:

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A fast-moving Tunnel

Unmatched speed

AEM is the fastest way to publish, create, and serve websites

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Content at scale

AEM allows you to publish more content in shorter time with smaller teams

Doors with light in the dark

Uncertainty eliminated

Preview content at 100% fidelity, get predictable content velocity, and shorten project durations

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Widen the talent pool

Authors on AEM use Microsoft Word, Excel or Google Docs and need no training

HTML code in a code editor

The low-code way to developer productivity

Say goodbye to complex APIs spanning multiple languages. Anyone with a little bit of HTML, CSS, and JS can build a site on AEM.

A rocket and a headless suit

Headless is here

Go directly from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to the web in mere seconds. Sanitize and collect form data at extreme scale with AEM Forms.

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Peak performance

Use AEM's serverless architecture to meet any traffic need. Use AEM's PageSpeed Insights Github action to evaluate every Pull-Request for Lighthouse Score.

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